Ep 94 – Legal Research & AI in the Law Firm

Ep 94 – Legal Research & AI in the Law Firm

We talk about bottom-up legal innovation from solos to the bigs, and then a chat with Thomas Hamilton from ROSS Intelligence about legal research, AI, and where law firms are headed.








Innovate – or DIE!

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from RossIntelligence.com “Legal Innovation Now: The Small-Firm Advantage,” by Stephen Mabey. He writes:

Lawyers at smaller firms are often better able to innovate than they think. Businesses prefer to work with smaller firms – innovation being one reason, and according to survey 2/3rd mentioned that customer services is better with smaller law firms.”

At first, it seems as if this is addressing a problem that is not on par with the issues the article states. Stephen says,” A recent survey in January entitled “Global Trends in Hiring Outside Counsel” found respondents were dissatisfied with larger law firms 19 percent of the time. For smaller firms, the dissatisfaction rate was only six percent.”

Right – so looking at it from a different viewpoint, that means at worst 80% of the time people were satisfied. So the question is – why should law firms invest significant time and expense on addressing something that is a fairly insignificant problem? 80% (or better) of the time people are good. So – what is to be gained from innovation?

Fortunately, this is a great article that approaches the same ideas – just be innovative – by saying that without a tool like ROSS, that shows you how innovation works in a specific area, it’s hard to catch on to the SPIRIT!

Look around – you’ll see plenty of “thought leaders” and “growth hackers”  saying it’s mindset that needs to happen first, but without a tool to show you, an icon to stand for, something to illustrate what innovation can lead to, then it’s hard to grab the mindset and innovate and lean into the future.

It is your right to do an “ostrich” should you choose, but, from our perspective, you either innovate or abdicate!

Stepping Away From SKYNET for a Quick Minute…

Thomas Hamilton is the Vice President of Strategy & Operations at ROSS Intelligence, a legal research platform powered by Artificial Intelligence – Thomas received law degrees from McGill University, worked as an attorney at one of the world’s largest law firm, Dentons, he’s worked as a policy analyst, he speaks three languages, and now he’s on the LAWsome podcast to talk about legal research and machines.

Learn more about ROSS Intelligence HERE

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