Ep 99 – The Data Driven Legal Marketer

Ep 99 – The Data Driven Legal Marketer

We talk about data driven marketing trends, and then about effective growth and marketing strategies for law firms with Bill Bice.








What Emerging Data-Driven Trends Mean for Marketers

Today’s Hot Take is from SproutSocial.com, “What Emerging Data-Driven Trends Mean for Marketers” by Katherine Kim. She Writes:

“While emerging trends are mostly tactical, data-driven marketing is strategic and is a driving force in reshaping our entire discipline. In this article, we’ve asked three experts to share their insights and predictions on where marketers should prioritize their data efforts and how they should be thinking about data for the future.”

A great point is to not stray to far from customer experience:

“One of the biggest focus areas to come from data-driven marketing centers around the customer experience. This is especially welcome news for the 87% of organizations that agree traditional experiences no longer satisfy their customers.”

Data may lead to job responsibilities being best suited for marketing – marketing can inform sales, strategy, not just awareness and promotion. When in doubt, it pays to listen to what your audience is telling you before you incorporate data trends into your overarching marketing strategy. And social media is a great testing ground for trends.

Don’t look for data to validate or guide a strategy that is counterintuitive, overreaching or overly complex. As we learn from Bill later – word of mouth champions all, and you need to pay attention to what your existing clients and target audience is saying ABOUT YOU.

“…how marketers approach and leverage data also influences the value of data and whether or not brands are using the information at their disposal to its fullest potential. To make data work for them, marketers should be thinking about data in the long-term and what business problems it can solve for in the future.”

Achieving Continual Growth For Law Firms In Increasingly Competitive Markets

Bill Bice’s first company, ProLaw Software, became the largest practice management system for mid-size law firms and is now part of Thomson Reuters. With his new legal marketing company, BOOMTIME, Bill is now focused on tackling another, pressing problem for law firms: achieving continual growth in increasingly competitive markets. We are excited to have him here today to tell our listeners all about it.

Learn more about Bill Bice HERE

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