Ep24 – Digital Ambulance Chasing; The Ethics of Online Advertising for Lawyers

Ep24 – Digital Ambulance Chasing; The Ethics of Online Advertising for Lawyers

Today we talk about geofencing and digital ambulance chasing with an article from npr.org. We also discuss marketing tactics and strategies that can help lawyers stay above the ethical grey zones.

Personal Injury lawyers geo-fencing ERs, giants like Facebook and Google are selling the data – Consumers are concerned, but business owners aren’t concerned enough.So how does a lawyer approach legal marketing today. Digital advertising is either the future, a fraud, or a fraction of the full picture.

NEWS – https://n.pr/2xmOsRo 

Lay out a short summary of what geo-fencing or “situation specific” targeting is:

Geo-fencing – GPS boundary around location – Apps can send you ads based on location.

Re-Targeting – sends ads based on behavior in a website

Recommendation Engines – storing behaviors and using them to show you ads

What’s the big deal? You’re just showing people who are in situations or locations that make them more likely to need legal services ads for legal services – how is this ethically questionable?

What are you fencing? Perception of legal profession can be damaged.

What about social media – there have been numerous concerns regarding privacy and data mining on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as manipulation of user behavior. Again – is there an issue here? If someone posts that they’re visiting grandma in a nursing home, why not show them an ad for nursing home abuse cases?

Social media is free because you are the product. People are connecting the dots – is there a Social Contract for digital? Possibilities for content marketing. 

Recommendations for our listeners that they could do right now to be better advertisers?

Don’t get blinded by all these different targeting methods or sneaky data manipulation  tricks, because those are all short term solutions – WRITE BETTER ADS

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